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Fully franked dividends of 8.5c over the past year
Net assets of more than $400 million
Argo Infrastructure has approximately 9,000 shareholders
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19 July 2024

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Introducing Argo Infrastructure
An introduction and overview of the Company.
The global infrastructure opportunity
An overview of the infrastructure opportunities beyond Australia’s shores.
How to invest
Investing in Argo Infrastructure in three easy steps.
Specialist global

The benefits of our Portfolio Manager, Cohen & Steers.

Benefits of investing

Global diversification
Exposure across various geographies and both emerging and developed economies
Proven investment approach
Experienced investment team with a long and successful track record
Specialist global fund manager
Access to a world-leading, specialist infrastructure fund manager
Enhance risk-adjusted returns Less volatile than broader equities providing some relative downside protection
Access new infrastructure opportunities
New opportunities offshore through government privatisations
Administratively simple
global investing

Exposure to a large and complex asset class through one simple ASX trade

Investing in global listed infrastructure

Australians are familiar with investing in listed infrastructure companies, but there are only
about a dozen infrastructure stocks they can access through the ASX. Far more
opportunities exist beyond our shores…