Corporate governance


The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the Company, including ensuring that the Company is properly managed to protect and enhance the interests of Shareholders. Issues of substance affecting the Company are considered by the Board, with advice from external advisers as required. Each Director must bring an independent view and judgment to the Board and must declare all actual or potential conflicts of interest. A Director may not participate in discussions or resolutions pertaining to any matter in which the Director has a material personal interest. The responsibilities of the Board are set down in the Company’s Board Charter, which has been prepared having regard to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles.

The Board has adopted a framework for managing the Company which includes corporate governance policies, internal controls and risk management procedures which it believes are appropriate for the Company’s business. The primary governance policies adopted by the Company are summarised below.

In addition, the Board has established an Audit and Risk Committee, which is to be chaired by an independent non-executive Director who is not the Chairman of the Board, and which reports to the Board on a regular basis regarding financial reporting matters, including the engagement and relationship with the external Auditor, and other matters relating to the operational risk management framework of the Company.

The Company has adopted the following policies and charters, which have been prepared having regard to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Tax Transparency Report

The Board of Argo Infrastructure is committed to responsible financial and business practices and the highest standards of corporate governance to protect and advance shareholders’ interests. As part of this commitment, the Board has determined that the Company publish a Tax Transparency Report in accordance with the Voluntary Tax Transparency Code as developed by the Board of Taxation.