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Argo Global Listed Infrastructure (Argo Infrastructure) (ASX code: ALI) was founded by Argo Investments to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of global listed infrastructure securities.

The portfolio of infrastructure stocks is diversified across both emerging and developed economies. Through Argo Infrastructure, investors can access the full spectrum of infrastructure assets, including those not accessible via the ASX.

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Our straightforward listed investment company (LIC) structure filters out the administrative complexity of investing overseas and offers the opportunity to receive fully franked dividends.

Argo Infrastructure offers exposure to a diverse and actively managed portfolio of global infrastructure stocks, through a single ASX-listed company.

Argo Infrastructure is managed by Argo Investments, which brings considerable experience as one of Australia’s oldest and largest LICs. Management of the portfolio is outsourced to specialist global investment manager, Cohen & Steers.

Our objectives are to provide shareholders with a mix of long-term capital growth and dividend income, and to provide important diversification benefits to Australian investors.

Shareholder returns – $10,000 invested since inception

Figures above are to 31 May 2024.

Simple to invest

Argo Infrastructure shares are bought and sold on the ASX, just like BHP or Woolworths shares. There are no upfront, ongoing or exit fees to invest in Argo Infrastructure. The only costs to invest are stockbroking charges to buy or sell shares.

Invest in three easy steps.

Specialist global fund manager

One of the world’s largest and most highly respected investors in global listed infrastructure and real assets, Cohen & Steers manages approximately A$150 billion on behalf of institutional clients and sovereign wealth funds.

Based in New York and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE code: CNS), the firm has an experienced team of analysts across the globe providing local insights to inform investment decisions.

Due to high levels of regulation and the political sensitivity of infrastructure assets, changes in governments or policies can impact infrastructure companies and their returns.

Having people ‘on the ground’ in close proximity to infrastructure assets, provides clear competitive advantages, including access to key industry participants and government regulators.

Cohen & Steers pioneered investing in exchange-listed infrastructure companies nearly 20 years ago, giving them one of the longest performance track records in the industry. Their significant size and scale also provides greater access to corporate deals, including initial public offerings (IPOs).

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To find out more about Cohen & Steers, visit the firm’s website.