How we invest

Investment strategy

Argo Infrastructure’s portfolio manager Cohen & Steers, employs a high conviction and active approach which seeks to position our portfolio to benefit from the growing demand for infrastructure investment and the continued privatisation of traditionally government-owned assets and services worldwide.

Investment process

Cohen & Steers’ investment process is based on fundamental research, incorporating a disciplined top-down screen of the global infrastructure universe to identify attractive subsectors, coupled with detailed bottom-up analysis of individual securities.

Cohen & Steers uses proprietary valuation models to rank the relative attractiveness of infrastructure subsectors depending on economic conditions globally, adjusting weightings as required to optimise portfolio performance.

The individual security analysis includes forming an independent view on a company’s fundamentals, regulatory trends and financials. This analysis includes time spent in local markets meeting with management teams, visiting assets, and spending time with regulators.

Cohen & Steers’ research analysts then develop projections for each company’s earnings, cash flow and dividend growth potential selecting the most effective metrics for each subsector. Security level weightings are determined based on fundamental research and valuation models.

More information

For more information, go to Cohen & Steers’ website and click on ‘Listed Infrastructure’ in
the Strategies section.