Environmental, Social and Governance


Argo Infrastructure’s portfolio manager, Cohen & Steers, believes that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors can influence the returns from companies it invests in. Recognising their significant importance, ESG factors are integrated into Cohen & Steers’ fundamental stock analysis.

“…companies that integrate ESG considerations into their strategic plans and operations can enhance long-term shareholder value while mitigating potential risks.”
– Cohen & Steers

ESG integration into investment process

Cohen & Steers’ ESG integration investment process follows four main steps:

  1. Identify ESG factors and assign weights by asset class sector
  2. Generate proprietary ESG scores
  3. Integrate scores into investment decisions
  4. Engage companies to gain insight and drive positive change

More information

Detailed information about Cohen & Steers’ approach to ESG and responsible investing is provided on their website.